Artist Bio

Sharon  McDonagh was born in Yorkshire in 1969 and studied Fine Art at York Art College in the Eighties.  She lives in York, UK and has a studio in her home.

Sharon was a successful high profile Police Forensic Artist for many years, creating artists impressions of unidentified fatalities using mortuary photographs and crime scene information. She gained recognition for her work within the field and appeared on television as well as in the media due to her unusual work and experiences.  She was interviewed on the BBC 'Missing' programme and was the artist commissioned to draw the late relative of Gary Lineker for the 'Who Do You Think You Are?' programme.

Sharon has also been involved with community art projects, working with disadvantaged young people and young offenders to create public artwork in conjunction with the Police and local support groups. 


She currently works with teenagers who struggle with mainstream education and come from challenging backgrounds ensuring art is an integral part of their coursework. She is also working with Dementia patients using art to assist them with their general wellbeing, concentration and ensuring they are kept busy/happy.  She is also involved with mentoring young artists with learning difficulties. 

Sharon draws on her own memories of loved ones, her experience as a high profile Police Forensic Artist and from working on an acute elderly ward at the hospital involving end of life care as well as with Dementia patients.

Her life experiences and career have definitely played an important role in the way her art has been influenced, particularly within her recent work examining the fragility of life.

Her Dad, Ian, has always been a driving force behind her artwork and was obviously her biggest fan, he sadly lost his battle with cancer in 2016 but she continues to work hard to ensure he is always proud.


© All images/paintings are subject to copyright - Sharon McDonagh