Sharon 02 original.jpg

Sharon produces textured paintings that utilise 'rescued and repurposed' items from skips, building sites, renovation projects and abandoned/derelict buildings.


Her use of unconventional media such as fragments of old wallpaper, vintage newspapers, plaster, cement render and spray paint translates into layers of tactile texture.  


Her latest collection entitled  I N H A L E - E X H A L E  was created to portray some of the emotions forced upon society over the last few years.  Lies, deceit, fear and ultimately control.   Emotions intensified, society segregated, the constant barrage of information being fed to us by the mainstream media.  Taking a step back from all that...turning off the TV, turning off the mainstream.  Inhaling - Exhaling.


Long Listed for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2021 and published in  'Future Now: 125 Contemporary Artists'

for her series 'Autonomous' (see pic).  

Currently one of the Resident Artists exhibiting at Sketch (York Art Gallery) 

Member of the Westside Artists, York