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Born in 1969, Sharon is a York based artist strongly influenced by past experiences, current social issues with a hint of nostalgia thrown in. 


Sharon uses a variety of medium from spray paint and emulsion, to plaster and items that have been rescued and ‘acquired’ from undisclosed locations.  Sharon’s work takes on many forms including large murals, paintings, drawings and 3D pieces.  Known for her love of prawns and, more recently, pigeons, her work can range from the bright and colourful to dark and slightly offputting – a bit like her life experiences. 


Sharon’s unusual career history has definitely shaped her outlook on life which in turn is reflected in her work…not in the way you’d expect, as, let’s be honest, drawing dead bodies (Police Forensic Artist) and working within end of life care would probably take an artist to a whole new level of darkness. More in a non-conformist, dark humor kind of way.


Sharon has been involved with community arts projects for many years, working with disadvantaged young people, young offenders and community support groups and strives to give the otherwise ‘invisible’ underdogs a voice through creativity and a freedom to express themselves, something that is difficult to do in today’s society.


Sharon's mixed media work has been exhibited in galleries and venues across Yorkshire.  She was 'long listed' for the Aesthetica Art Prize in 2021 and published in 'Future Now: 125 Contemporary Artists'

For information on workshops, collabs & projects please contact me via email.

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