Sharon's fascination with derelict/abandoned buildings is evident in her detailed studies of buildings in York, with an intention to highlight an alternative side to the City and its rapid transition.  Giving prominence to each building, showcasing their individualism, but predominantly reflecting the cohesion that has been formed through their dereliction and demise. 


Sharon McDonagh is an Artist based in York, UK (formerly a high profile Police Forensic Artist).  Sharon creates highly textured, tactile mixed media paintings which focus on nostalgia, decay and dereliction. 


Her recent work entitled 'Fragments' examines the fragility of life in a series of 10 mixed media paintings.  Each painting has a socket or light switch which represents life.   Hand made and painted vintage wallpaper and tiles are added to the paintings to represent the memories left behind. 




© All images/paintings are subject to copyright - Sharon McDonagh