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With an eclectic mix of urban decay and street art, Sharon deliberates social, political and personal issues within her mixed media work. 

Connecting past memories & social issues to the present, highlighting the conflict between the controlled language of mainstream media and the expression of anti-establishment street art.  The confrontation between two very different mediums brought together to create an inter-generationally recognisable form of expression.


A life-long passion for urban exploration and skip raiding sees rescued fragments of decaying debris and old newspapers being repurposed, alongside spray paint, cement, plaster and recycled paint. 

Sharon's mixed media work has been exhibited in galleries and venues across Yorkshire.  She was 'long listed' for the Aesthetica Art Prize in 2021 and published in 'Future Now: 125 Contemporary Artists'

For information on workshops, collabs & projects please contact me via email.

 Educated Vandals Charity Street Art Show - July 2023
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