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noun 1. the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another

My recent project  'Transition' takes inspiration from my lifelong fascination with derelict and abandoned buildings as well as my interest in architecture and architectural drawings.  Focusing on an alternative side to our beautiful City of York and its somewhat controversial rapid transition.  Immortalising these buildings by highlighting the beauty in their decay. 


'Transition 01' concentrates on Piccadilly, commencing with number 36, the iconic Banana Warehouse.  Once a row of thriving businesses, they now stand together, boarded up awaiting demolition and redevelopment. Part One of the series features detailed paintings of each of the 5 buildings (acrylic paint on paper) whereas Part Two concentrates on small sections of these buildings forming large textural mixed media paintings on canvas.


Limited edition Giclee prints are available (limited to 40 prints), please contact me for details.