A unique mini decay mixed media painting.


I love rescuing old wallpaper and paint, I obtain pieces from skips, renovation projects and from abandoned/derelict houses.  Each piece representing a period of time in that home.  The people that lived there, each generation choosing a new design...these tiny fragments holding so many memories.  By repurposing these pieces into my art ensures they are forever cherised.


I handmade/painted the large piece of wallpaper and it is a vintage design that has then been distressed to look old.  The bright pink paper was also handmade by me. The other fragments of wallpaper at the top are actual vintage wallpaper fragments from an undisclosed abandoned house. 


The tiny blue fragments of paint are from a skip and originate from a house that was being renovated on the lovely St Pauls Square, York. 


The black box frame measures  12 x 12 x 3.5cm and can also be wall mounted.  The painting is continued on the sides of the inner frame too.  Each painting has a hand written tag detailing the media used as well as the history to each piece containedin the painting. 



This original artwork is copyright to Sharon McDonagh and is not transferable with the sale of this painting. Buyers are not permitted to reproduce this design.

'Fragmented 37' - Original Mini Decay Painting