Forensic Art & Other Projects

I worked for the Police Force for nearly 20 years as an Intelligence Officer and Forensic Artist and during that time received extensive recognition and success with both my artists impressions of unidentified fatalities and also from my facial likeness images of unidentified suspects.


In 2013 I was very chuffed to be commissioned on behalf of the BBC "Who do you think you are?" programme to produce an artists impression of a relative of one of the celebrities featured.  I was given a copy of an old prison record dating back to the 1800's and was asked to produce an artists impression of the person that it described, the identity of the celebrity was not revealed until only a week before the televised programme.  I produced a drawing which turned out to be the Great, Great Grandfather of Gary Linekar and my drawing spookily resembled him.  It was amazing to see my drawing on the programme and to see his reaction to it.

I was involved in a number of high profile major investigations, as well as community projects and press initiatives.  I received worldwide recognition for my work, in particular with regard to a cold case review of unidentified fatalities on the UK railway dating back 30yrs.  The case in 2010 looked at a large number of people who had died on/around the Railway and were never identified.  I used the original mortuary photos to produce drawings of how they would have looked prior to death in order that these images could then be circulated to assist in their identification.  I was lucky enough to be interviewed by all the major television networks and newspapers as well as on the radio and featured in a number of magazines that published features on my work.  Being interviewed 'live' on Sky News was certainly a different experience, both terrifying and also amazing.  As a result of the huge campaign a number of deceased persons were identified.

In 2010 I was invited to be involved in a community initiative in Bolton, Lancashire to empower young people (named Reclaim).  This particular project saw Urbis, Northern Rail and local Police Forces to address the issue of vandalism on the railway network.  A group of disadvantaged lads together with myself and a local artist worked with them to create a number of pieces of artwork, all with the 'community' theme which were then displayed at Bolton Station.  It was a fantastic opportunity for me and a real honour to be invited to be part of such a great scheme.  The artwork caused quite a stir and the lads were so proud of their achievements so all in all a great success.

In 2011 I was invited as a special guest on the BBC "Missing" programme and was interviewed by Louise Minchin about my work as a Forensic Artist and the impact it has on the families of the people who have been identified as a result of my drawing.    

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